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Future Doctors Outreach Programme

At Kent and Medway Medical School (KMMS), we are committed to inspiring future healthcare professionals by raising aspirations, supporting young people’s choices and encouraging progression into medicine or health related careers. We want to encourage aspiring doctors from all backgrounds to seriously consider medicine as a career. We are committed to widening access to medical degrees and have ambitious targets to recruit students from Kent, Medway and further afield, who have the talent and desire to study medicine, and are from under-represented groups or disadvantaged backgrounds. To further enhance our Future Doctors Outreach Programme, KMMS works in collaboration with our partner institutions, Canterbury Christ Church University and University of Kent.

Careers Information and Schools Outreach

Our outreach programme is designed to make young people aware of the potential careers in medicine and healthcare, and encouraging them to explore their options and make informed choices about their future.

If you are a Science or Careers Teacher, we welcome you to join our *mailing list* to hear about our upcoming events that may be of interest to your students. If you would like to ask a specific question about our offer, please email futuredoctors@kmms.ac.uk.

Please see below a list of the outreach programmes we offer.

The KMMS Future Doctors team are delighted to visit local secondary schools to talk about careers in medicine and the application process for medical school. We hope to inspire students to study medicine who may not have otherwise considered it as an option as well as to support them to make the right GCSE and A-level choices to allow them to pursue their ambitions.
(Please note that all our visits are virtual at the moment)

In line with our widening participation mission we prioritise visits to Canterbury Christ Church University Partner Schools and University of Kent Partner Schools.

“Through the excellent and informative outreach work from KMMS we now have students who are very excited about medicine and understand their next steps”
Tim Fox, Senior Vice Principal & Head of Academic College, The Canterbury Academy

To find out more about our visits and invite us to your school please email futuredoctors@kmms.ac.uk

If you’re a Year 12 student who is passionate about becoming a doctor, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to take place in a medicine-focused outreach project that includes a 4-day summer school!

BrightIdeas gives the opportunity for year 12 students to complete a medicine focused research project with the support of a medical student e-mentor. The project, which ends in a 4-day summer school, will provide you with invaluable insights into the roles of a doctor; as a scientist, a clinician and a teacher.

In addition to being a great experience, it will also give attendees something to write about in their personal statement and/or talk about at a medical school interview.

Visit the BrightIdeas website for more information and how to apply.

Applications are now closed for 2021


Work experience is a vital part of applying to study medicine. It allows students to gain an insight into the field and make an informed decision about whether medicine is right for them. Work experience also allows students to discover other roles within the health and social care sector which they may not have otherwise been aware of.

It is recognised that not all students will have the same access to work experience and that clinical work experience can be hard to come by. However, applicants should aim to get a variety of experiences in order to demonstrate a commitment to medicine as well as an understanding of what a career in medicine entails. Experiences should also allow students to demonstrate some of the skills and attributes required by doctors. Examples of these can be found in the Medical Schools Council statement on the core values and attributes needed to study medicine.

For more information about KMMS admissions, please visit our entry requirements page.

The Medical Schools Council provides information and guidance on work experience for students.

The British Medical Association also provides information on how to become a doctor as well as advice for students on work experience.

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust publish a guide to their volunteering opportunities.

We run a series of bespoke programmes under our Future Doctors umbrella.

Virtual Medical Society Programme

This FREE programme is targeted at Year 8 and 9 students and aims to increase awareness of what it takes to apply to and study medicine or other healthcare subjects, through fun, inspiring and interactive sessions focused on medicine, health, and science. The online sessions (on location activities may become available later) will be based on the KMMS curriculum and go through topics such as Heart, Lung and Blood; Health and Disease; Neuroscience and Behaviour; Immune System; and many more.

What do doctors really do? Could you be a lifesaver? Are you in year 8 or 9? Join our FREE programme!

We would like to offer Year 8 and Year 9 students the opportunity to join the Inspiring Minds: Future Doctors programme with the Kent and Medway Medical School*.
*Year 8 students will start the programme in September/October of Year 9. Year 9 students will start the programme in April 2021 for one term and continue with the programme in to September/October of Year 10.


Participant (age 13):

This is a really well organised and inspirational programme. It’s very inclusive and everyone gets a chance to contribute. And it’s encouraging because the teachers and mentors are doctors and you get to hear about their experiences – and they are really good at answering your questions! The demonstrations are excellent and you learn how they apply to real-life scenarios.”


Mother of participant:

This is a brilliant, unique opportunity for my daughter. She was so enthused and encouraged after her first session. Her dream to be a doctor now seems like a real possibility. Thank you.”

How it works
The programme is a Virtual Medical Society which will offer students 5 weekly sessions per term covering everything from how the heart pumps blood around the body to how CPR can restart the heart in an emergency.

We will also host a monthly live Zoom session every fourth Tuesday, 17:00-18:00. This will be an opportunity to meet current medical students and doctors, find out more about the subject you are studying, and meet other future doctors on the programme.

When is the first session?
The first session will take place on Zoom on Tuesday 27th April 2021, 17:00-18:00.

Applications for this terms activities are now closed – if you are interested in joining the programme in September please email futuredoctors@kmms.ac.uk. 

We also offer bespoke talks to students (year 11 onwards) to help with the application process, covering topics such as how to choose a medical school, the admissions process and how the interview process works.

We also run virtual sessions on this that students can join from wherever they are. Details of these events will be added to this page.

Welcome Wednesday
The Admissions Team is live on Instagram (@kmmsmedschool) stories every Wednesday between 12:00-14:00 to answer any questions you have.

For school requests, please e-mail us at futuredoctors@kmms.ac.uk

If you are a Science or Careers Teacher we welcome you to join our *mailing list* to hear about our upcoming events that may be of interest to your students. If you would like to ask a specific question about our offer, please email futuredoctors@kmms.ac.uk.