Portrait of Professor Lisa Dikomitis

Professor Lisa Dikomitis

Director of Research
Director of the Centre for Health Services Studies and Professor of Medical Anthropology and Social Sciences


Lisa Dikomitis is a Belgian-Cypriot anthropologist and works in global health, migration and refugee studies, health services research and medical education. She was educated in Dutch at universities in Belgium. She holds degrees in Anthropology and Sociology, Education and History of Art.  Dikomitis was awarded her PhD in March 2010, worked as postdoctoral researcher at Ghent University in Belgium (2010-12) and at the Hull York Medical School (2012-14). She took up her first permanent position as Lecturer at the University of Hull in March 2014, moved to Keele’s School of Medicine as Senior Lecturer in July 2016 where she was promoted to full Professor in December 2019. She joined the Kent and Medway Medical School (KMMS) in January 2022 and took up her appointment as Director of the Centre of Health Services Studies (CHSS) in September 2023.

After completing significant ethnographic work on refugee issues and displacement, Professor Dikomitis expanded her research beyond social anthropology to engage with timely issues in medical anthropology, health services research and global health. Her work is characterised by generating bridges between radically different academic disciplines, in creativity with the arts and genuine community engagement that fosters equity, diversity and inclusion. She published over 80 peer-reviewed publications, including a monograph and edited volumes.  Strongly committed to communicating science publicly, she curated several exhibitions and podcasts, and regularly writes for non-academic audiences.

Professor Dikomitis successfully balances research, teaching, postgraduate supervision, public engagement, outreach activities and senior leadership responsibilities. She received external funding exceeding £13 million and published over 90 peer-reviewed research publications (including a monograph, edited volumes and single-authored, co-authored and multi-authored papers and book chapters).  



Professor Dikomitis works at the intersection of medicine, social science, arts and humanities. Building on her international reputation as an anthropologist in refugee studies, she moved into health and medical research in 2012 and rapidly established a distinctive portfolio as a social scientist in medicine.Professor Dikomitis is an ethnographer, and her methodological expertise lies in qualitative research methods, including participatory and creative methodologies, in addition to social research methods as employed in clinical trials. There are 5 broad strands in her research: (1) Refugee and migration research; (2) Global health research; (3) Health service research; (4) Community Engagement and Involvement in research and (5) Medical education research. 

Refugee and migration research

Professor Dikomitis conducted long-term ethnographic fieldwork among Greek and Turkish Cypriot refugees on the effects of protracted conflict. This resulted in her internationally acclaimed monographCyprus and Its Places of Desire: Cultures of Displacement among Greek and Turkish Cypriot Refugees(Bloomsbury IB Tauris, 2012), also inAnthropology Today. A recent project explored politics of restoring religious sites and cemeteries on Cyprus (When the Cemetery Becomes Political). She has conducted fieldwork among Polish migrants in Hull (Remember Me) and is member of CLARENCE (led by Dr Aaron Poppleton), exploring the experiences of migrants from Central and Eastern Europe with primary care and mental health services in the UK (Health Expectations and BJGP). She is currently conducting research with migrant communities in Kent, including in Kent’s Sikh and Cypriot communities.(see link here)

Global health research

Professor Dikomitis is currently directing UK-funded programmes of global health research in Brazil, Ethiopia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. This research addresses the social and cultural health determinants, policies and health systems in societies experiencing major social and political change. Research is always carried out in partnership with local communities, NGOs and academic colleagues to improve health outcomes and health equity. Professor Dikomitis led the MRC-AHRC fundedSOLACE, on public health in remote, rural and coastal areas of the Philippines and currently co-leadsECLIPSE, on cutaneous leishmaniasis. She also leads qualitative and ethnographic work packages on mental health research in Pakistan (STOPS+ and THEHOPE) and leishmaniasis research in India (EPSRC).She was recently awarded a GNCA grant to organise a Global Mental Health symposium, bringing researchers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom together at KMMS.

Community engagement and involvement in research

Dikomitis has pioneered new and transformative ways of conducting interdisciplinary global health research, combining anthropology, development studies and health services research with culturally appropriate and context-bespoke community engagement. For instance, cultural animation in health research (Health Expectations), community engagement in global health research (BMJ and Frontiers in Public Health), co-producing public health guidelines in Brazil (book), patient and public involvement (PPI) in self-harm research (Health Expectations), a decolonial approach to engaging community members (Frontiers in Public Health). 

Health service research

This strand includes research on cluster headache studies (BJGP,Neurological Sciences,Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare,Brain Sciences), research in mental health and self-harm (BJGP,British Journal of Psychiatry,EClinicalMedicine by The Lancet), research on musculoskeletal conditions (Trials,Clinical Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal Care, BJPG Open, Rheumatology), COVID-19 research (BJSW, BMJ Paediatr Open) and on the production of neglect and on the social production of health policies and institutional neglect (Societies).  

Medical education research

Professor Dikomitis conducted a number of high-impact research projects in medical education and published about researching curriculum development (Teaching and Learning in Higher Education), assessments in medical education (Medical Education), anthropology in medical education (Springer Anthropology), palliative care component in medical education (BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care), embedding social and behavioural sciences in the medical curriculum (Societies) and about the understanding biomedical uncertainty in medical education (Medical Science Educator). 

External funding

Since 2014, Professor Dikomitis was awarded over £13 million in external research income from UK funding bodies, of which over £5 million as lead investigator. This includes funding for clinical and social science doctoral students, research capacity building and externally funded research projects and programmes. These are selected research grants (click link for entry in funder database): 

  • ECLIPSE, funded by the NIHR (role: Co-Principal Investigator, with Prof Price) £4,576,819
  • SOLACE, funded by GCRF AHRC-MRC (role: Principal Investigator) £199,840
  • THEHOPE, funded by the MRC (role: Co-Investigator, led by Prof Farooq)£873,269
  • RaCeR, funded by NIHR (role: Co-Investigator, led by Prof Littlewood) £249,998
  • STOPS+, funded by MRC (role: Co-Investigator, led by Prof Farooq) £564,784
  • Inter-CEPt, funded by the NIHR (role: Co-Investigator, led by Prof Davies) £1,110,815
  • New anti-leishmanial drugs for Indian Communities, funded by the EPSRC (role: Co-Investigator, led by Prof Steel) £906,252
  • PROMPPT, funded by NIHR (role: Co-Investigator, led Prof Mallen) £2,499,608
  • iPRIME, funded by Newton Fund (role: Co-Investigator, led by Dr Dayrit) £206,600
  • Remember Me, funded by AHRC (role: Co-Investigator, led by Prof Holloway) £839,979
  • CHIPS, funded by NHS HEY Headache Trust (role: Principal Investigator) £24,500


Since 2004, Professor Dikomitis taught a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate social science and medical students in Belgium, Cyprus, Hong Kong, the Philippines and the UK. She taught social science components of the medical curriculum, qualitative research methods and a range of modules in medical anthropology and sociology of health and illness. At KMMS, Professor Dikomitis leads modules around professional development and person-centred practice in the first years of the MBChB.  

Professor Dikomitis has led on major curriculum developments in social science and medical education, including the design and implementation of an MSc in Social Research (University of Hull) and an overhaul of the behavioural and social science components in Keele’s MBChB. Her educational leadership has been recognised by Advance HE (previous Higher Education Academy) with the status of Fellow in 2015 and Senior Fellow in 2018. Professor Dikomitis is member of the Steering Committee of the Behavioural and Social Science Teaching Network.  She is an experienced external examiner, currently for the Medicine Graduate Entry Course Y1 at the University of Birmingham (2018-23) and for Medicine Y1 at the University of Leeds (2019-23). 


Postgraduate Supervision 

Professor Dikomitis has supervised 7 doctoral students to completion. She has supervised over 40 MA/MSc/MPhil students to completion and currently supervises several UK-based doctoral students and students internationally.  

Professor Dikomitis welcomes PhD students with proposals in any area of medical anthropology, global health and health service research (please refer to the ‘Research’ section for specific areas of interest). 

Professor Dikomitis is lead supervisor of:

  • Ms Aman Rattan, who works on mental health among Kent Sikhs
  • Ms Hasara Nuwangi, who works on mental health in the Greek Cypriot and Punjabi Sikh communities in Kent
  • Dr Helen Bintley, who works on LGBTQIA+ in medical education

She is co-supervisor of:

  • Mr Daniel Lai Jie, who works on post intensive care syndrome
  • Dr Aaron Poppleton, who works with Central and Eastern Europeans in the UK with a focus on mental health in primary care
  • Ms Mahlet Alemu, who is conducting an ethnography on cutaneous leishmaniasis
  • Mr Binega Hagos, who works on community engagement in leishmaniasis research


PhD Examination 

Professor Dikomitis has examined 12 doctoral dissertations in Anthropology, Medical Sciences, Sociology, Philosophy of Science at UK and international institutions, including at Imperial College London, Monash University, Free University Brussels, University of Hull, Ghent University, University of Leeds, Goldsmiths and the University of Sussex. 


Editorial roles at academic journals

Roles at UK funding bodies

Professor Dikomitis has been member of NIHR, AHRC, MRC and Wellcome funding panels, she is also member of several UK funding boards and committees:

She regularly reviews applications submitted to the NIHR Health Services & Delivery Research, NIHR Research for Patient Benefit, as well as AHRC standard grants and ESRC standard grants. She also reviews grants for international funding bodies, including the Research Foundation Flanders (Belgium) and the Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation (Greece).

Keynote speaker

Professor Dikomitis regularly deliveres keynotes and research seminars in the UK and internationally. Invitations in recent years included speaking events at the University of Durham (UK), Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (Germany), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (the Netherlands), University of Nicosia (Cyprus), the Hull Medical Society (UK), Humboldt-Universität Berlin (Germany), PRIO Centre (Cyprus), the University of Opole and University of Silesia (both in Poland), at a GCRF-funded workshop on Global Health and Community Engagement (Nepal), at a Newton-funded Researcher Links Workshop (Malaysia), at the 2019 Annual Convention of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians, at the 2020 Annual Conference of Asian Studies (Philippines), at the University of Nagasaki (Japan), at the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil), and at the 2021 Annual Conference of the College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka at the 2022 ABRASCO conference in Salvador (Brazil).

Public Engagement

Professor Dikomitis is strongly committed to communicating science publicly and both impact and outreach events are at the heart of all her research. Through contributions in the media, public lectures, project websites and workshops in community organisations I communicate findings with the public. During her outreach activities (in schools, patient and community organisations) she enthuses audiences that would ordinarily not directly engage with research. She was awarded the Keele University Excellence Award for Public Engagement with Research in June 2019.

See also SOLACE blogs, SOLACE podcasts and ECLIPSE Newsletters.

Recent media engagement

  • Article (20.05.2021), Somatosphere, link
  • Article (19.04.2021), The Conversation, link
  • Newspaper interview (19.03.2021), The Guardian, link
  • Blog (19.01.2021), Anthropology and Gerontology, link
  • Article (06.06.2020), Science Alert, link
  • Article (02.06.2020), News Medical Life Sciences, link
  • Article (02.06.2020), The Conversation, link
  • Newspaper interview (02.06.2020), The Guardian, link

Art and research

The SOLACE team (led by Professor Dikomits) engaged community members, volunteers, healthcare professionals in remote, underserved areas in the Philippines. Based on the ethnographic data, dance artist and anthropologist Clarissa Mijares imagined the data into movement, working with a sound designer and a Waray choreographer. This was performed in Manilla and available to watch here.

In collaboration with artists and curators, Professor Dikomitis led on public exhibitions in different countries to communicate our research findings with a non-academic public.

  • UK: ANGLES-ECLIPSE exhibition, Keele University Art Gallery (October – December 2021)
  • UK: 3 exhibitions at Stoking Curiosity: Unruly Minds, ECLIPSE and SOLACE (November 2019)
  • PHILIPPINES: Rural health in the Philippines, Ateneo Art Gallery (September 2019)
  • UK: SOLACE exhibition, Keele University Art Gallery (May 2019)
  • BELGIUM: Unruly minds: Evolution of mental health care in Flanders, Exhibition at the Psychiatric Hospital of Menen Flanders (October 2017)
  • BELGIUM: Of women, patients and nuns, Exhibition at a 3-day conference organised by the Belgian Gender Studies Network (October 2015)



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