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Kent and Medway Medical School

Verena Holmes – KMMS Virtual Tour

The Verena Holmes building officially opened in March 2021 and is on the Canterbury Christ Church Campus.  The facilities have been designed for use by students studying  Science, Technology, Engineering, Health, and Medicine Degrees.

Here our students mainly study in the  Anatomy Learning Centre,  the High Fidelity Hospital Simulation Suite as well as in the lecture rooms and social workspaces. 

IN the Anatomy Learning Centre students undertake pro-section, dissection and use a range of dissection and radiology.

Top Fact: Verena Holmes is one of the buildings named after outstanding women.
Verena was born in Ashford, Kent in 1889 and was a mechanical engineer and multi-field inventor. In addition to being the first woman member elected to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institution of Locomotive Engineers, she also served as President of the Woman in Engineering Society. Holmes was also a prolific medical engineer and had 12 patents for medical devices in her lifetime, including the Holmes and Wingfield pneumothorax apparatus for treating patients with Tuberculosis and a surgeon’s headlamp

Which of these facilities is NOT housed in Verena Holmes?