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Budget for your Degree

Budget for university life

It is important that you plan how you will ensure you have enough money to cover the cost of your tuition fees and living expenses before you begin your course. Use our living costs information to consider how much you will need to budget for as KMMS student.

Tuition fees

Home fee paying students

The tuition fees for 2024/5 entry are £9,250 per year. Further increases within the government fee cap will apply in subsequent academic years.

International (including EU) students

The tuition fees for 2024/5 entry are £47,900. The tuition fee in following years may be subject to annual increases.

Accommodation and living costs

Your living costs can vary significantly depending on your individual circumstances and lifestyle.  Accommodation rates may increase in future years.

Please note that these figures are estimated costs.

Typical costs for accommodation and living

Outgoings Cost per week Academic yearly cost (44 weeks)
On campus and accommodation Rent for single room on-campus (en-suite or shared bathroom) £121 - £195.65 £5324 - £8,608.65
Laundry (on campus accommodation) £10 - 20 £440 - £880
Off-campus rented accommodation* Rent for single room off campus in a shared house without bills (52 weeks) £90 - £127 £4680 - £6600 (52 weeks)
Utility bills (off campus accommodation) £17-25 £884 - £1300 (52 weeks)
Living costs Mobile phone contract (average) £5 - 15 £220 - £660
Food (average) £35 - 50 £1540 - £2200
Books, course materials and equipment (average) £5 £220
Personal care and toiletries (average) £10 - 20 £440 - £880
Clothes, shoes and accessories (average) £7.50 - 10 £390 - £520
Going out, socialising and hobbies (average) £27 - 50 £1188 - £2992
Bus travel £230 (22/23 price for academic year bus pass)

(* A typical private-sector accommodation contract is 52 weeks, so you will often be paying more for household bills)

Estimated total for campus accommodation (with laundry costs): £8,804 – £17,190

Estimated total for rented single room off campus (paying rent and bills for 52 weeks): £9,792 – £15,602

In addition to above, we recommend you have approximately £350 for upfront placement expenses for travel and accommodation. Reimbursements of placement costs will be provided in line with the KMMS Student Travel and Accommodation policy.

If you would like information about funding your studies, visit our funding your degree and KMMS Scholarships pages.