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Student Support

Scholarships allow some of our most deserving students to undertake their studies without financial worry. As we emerge from the pandemic, scholarships are more important than ever to support our medical students through their five year degree. Gone are the part-time jobs that supported these students through their studies and many families have been impacted by redundancy. Scholarships are therefore crucial to allowing some of the most talented, yet disadvantaged, students achieve the medical degree they set out to do.

We are continuing to seek named scholarships for our future students at the following levels:

  • £14,250 per year for five years would pay for a student’s full course tuition fees and support their maintenance (£71,250 in total)
  • £9,250 per year for five years would pay for a student’s full course tuition fees (£46,250 in total)
  • £5,000 per year for five years would support a student with maintenance (rent, books, subsistence etc) (£25,000 in total)

Gifts can be made as a lump sum or as an annual or monthly gift.

You can also show your support by offering a prize for academic excellence. These start at £500 per year for an initial period of five years.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss ways in which you can support our students further.

What our scholars say

Samantha Mandarino

Photo of Samantha Mandarino

“Before I left for medical school, I was working in COVID Intensive Care as nursing support. Due to COVID, my husband had been put on furlough, and we had thought that I would be unable to start medical school this year because I would need to work to support our family.

The scholarship enabled me to start at KMMS as planned! It also means that during my studies, I am able to focus more holistically on learning and immersing myself in the journey without having to worry about being unable to afford tuition. The difference this makes to not only to me, but my family is immense. I will be the only one out of my parents and five siblings to attain a higher degree. Thank you so much for this life changing scholarship.”

Kaltun Omar

Photo of Kaltun Omar

“Thanks to this generous support I am the first generation in my family to attend university. As a black, female, Muslim growing up in a less-privileged community, I’ve experienced many financial and academic challenges. However, these experiences have also enlightened me to the value of education. Receiving this scholarship has given me the opportunity to fully concentrate on my studies and without this, students such as myself would be unable to pursue their dreams of becoming a doctor. I hope one day to also support a student through their education just as the Henry Oldfield Trust has supported me.”

Liam McPartlin

“During my first degree, I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition and underwent major brain surgery a year later, to great success. During my two-year recovery, I relied on student loans to get by. People often say that everything happens for a reason, and my personal situation prompted me to apply for medical school admissions a few years earlier than I had planned.

The Santander Scholarship has made it possible for me to bounce back from my circumstances and enabled me to pursue medical school without the fear of financial burden. Each year there are so many like me; people with the drive to study medicine but financial circumstances that prevent it. I was extremely lucky, but so many aren’t.

With the support of the scholarship, you have given me the opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream to give back to the NHS that supported me through a hugely tough period. I don’t believe anyone can put a price on that.”